India, the world’s second-most populous country with two-thirds of its population working in the agricultural segment, has effectively applied these modern machines to addressing the problem of harvesting.

We are going to unveil top 5 combine harvester manufacturers in India and their best machines [2021]

  1. Preet Agro Industries
  2. Ks Agrotech
  3. Kartar Agro Industries
  4. Dasmesh
  5. MANKU AGRO Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Preet Agro Industries

The development journey of Preet Agro Industries dates back to 1980 with the production of threshers, reapers, and agricultural implements, leading to the foundation of the company.

If you are confused about the diversity of brands on the market,

Preet can demonstrate its unparalleled reliability and performance, which have brought tremendous reputation and success to the company.

With the appearance nationwide and worldwide, it is not difficult to find and purchase products of Preet Agro Industries.

The company provides a wide range of combine harvesters,

namely self-propelled combine harvesters, special combine harvesters, and track combine harvesters.

It is a leader in combine harvesters market in India with more than 40% share in self-propelled combine harvester segment,

making it one of the best combine harvester manufacturers.

After the initial development stage, Preet launched the “987” model, which was the best-known machine from this brand.

Preet 987 – self-propelled combine harvester model is one of the most popular machines for Indian farmers.

Let’s explore more about the new version of this combine harvester – Preet 987 Stellar as below.

Preet 987 Stellar

Preet 987 Stellar
Preet 987 Stellar

The all-new Preet 987 Stellar is regarded as the king of crop harvesters.

This model is well-known for its high performance, productivity, and service-ability.

This multi-crop combine harvester is capable of harvesting all traditional grain crops, including wheat, paddy, soya bean, and so forth.

In terms of power, Preet 987 Stellar is operated by a high-power 6-cylinder diesel engine providing 110 PS at 2200 RPM.

In addition, the machine features an optimal design that helps reduce maintenance costs.

Model 987 is a good choice if the customers desire to own a fuel-efficient and environmentally-friendly harvester.

It is exotic that clean grains are collected in a large-capacity grain tank, about 2.5 m2.

As a result, this huge capacity enlarges performance efficiency because the machine needs less unload cycles for the same amount of grain.

At the same time, the improvements of the auger system enhance the unloading process of grains into trucks and trailers.

Another key upgrade is the threshing system with a flexible concave inside the model.

This feature outputs active separation and minimizes damage to grains and straws for all kinds of crops, even in the complex field conditions.

Besides, this renovation also brings about consistent and gentle threshing with minimum loss.

Quick Specifications of Preet 987 Stellar
Engine 6-cylinder
Maximum Horsepower 110 hp
Grain Tank Volume 2,900 l
Unload Rate Updating…
Displacement Updating…

Ks Agrotech

Founded in 1955, Ks Group has been a trusted name as an agricultural implement and machinery manufacturer in India.

As one of group’s companies, Ks Agrotech has become a leading brand in this field,

supplying a vast range of agricultural machinery such as self-propelled combine harvesters, tractor driven combine harvesters, straw reapers, and other agricultural implements.

Customers can count on Ks Agrotech’s products since the combine harvester manufacturing process is ensured in terms of quality.

In fact, the team of the company’s engineers confirms that the machines and implements are manufactured using high-quality and reliable raw material.

Among the popular combine harvesters of the company, KS 9300 – Crop Master is one of the best harvester machines in India.

This model is prominent with some features and specifications as below.

KS 9300 – Crop Master

With the state-of-the-art engineering technology, KS 9300 Crop Master, a proud product of Ks Agrotech harvester manufacturer,

has remarkably contributed to the agricultural mechanization in India, appearing in almost every field.

KS 9300 – Crop Master
KS 9300 – Crop Master

Power-wise, KS 9300 Crop Master is powered by an Ashok Leyland engine offering 102 HP at 2200 RPM.

This model is also among the most sophisticated machines with a special outer cutter bar in combine header, which is designed for multi tasks.

Not only does this cutter bar operate in favorable crop conditions,

but it also performs well with the fallen crops due to the bad weather.

Furthermore, the machine is equipped with heavy-duty gear with 1312 big clutch plates and cutter gear for blades movement, facilitating the related processes.

KS 9300 is equipped with six straw walkers for better grain separation.

This machine is ideal for harvesting wheat, paddy, sunflower, soybean, and pulses.

Quick Specifications of KS 9300 – Crop Master
Engine 6-cylinder
Maximum Horsepower 102 hp
Grain Tank Volume Updating…
Unload Rate Updating…
Displacement Updating…


Kartar Agro Industries

Among the reputed brands, Kartar Agro Industries has been delivering agricultural equipment and machinery for the last 35 years.

With the highest spirit of supporting the farmers in every field all over the country and the world,

the company is recognized as the pioneer and leading manufacturer of modern and highly-functional agricultural machines.

Kartar offers the consumers a wide range of high-quality products, namely multicrop combine harvesters, track-type combine harvesters, knotters, and rotavators.

If consumers are seeking for quality-oriented products, then Kartar should be your consideration.

In fact, Kartar’s vendors utilize the best raw materials and modern machines to assemble these automotive products,

meeting the market standard requirements.

Not only quality assurance but also smooth functionality is what you can expect from this brand’s harvesting machines.

Other advantages over their rivals are easy installation and convenient usage.

When it comes to mentioning about the prominent harvesters of the company, Kartar 4000 – Multicrop Combine Harvester really stands out!

Kartar 4000 – Multicrop Combine Harvester

Kartar 4000 harvester has been an advanced harvesting machine for its customers at an affordable price.

This is a self-propelled multicrop harvester that can operate on various types of fields.

The fuel tank with a capacity of 380 liters enables the harvester to work efficiently with minimum disruptions.

Kartar 4000 – Multicrop Combine Harvester
Kartar 4000 – Multicrop Combine Harvester


The machine has a 6-cylinder water-cooled Ashok Leyland engine, providing a power of 101 HP at 2200 RPM.

Kartar 4000’s cutting bar is 4199 mm (14 feet) wide, which is a new improvement compared to other harvesters of this brand. In addition,

it has a hydraulic steering system giving a fast response in the fields.

Quick Specifications of Kartar 4000 – Multicrop Combine Harvester
Engine 6-cylinder
Maximum Horsepower 101 hp
Grain Tank Volume 2,100 l
Unload Rate Updating…
Displacement Updating…


Dasmesh is best known for its sustainable agricultural products and has remained reliable among the top combine harvester manufacturers in India.

Since the company commenced 40 years ago, it has become a top 5 agricultural product manufacturer and exporter of India.

The company supplies the market with various products like self-propelled combine harvesters, track combine harvesters, tractor-driven combine harvesters, and self-propelled maize combine harvesters.

It is noticeable that Dasmesh combine harvesters are superior harvesting machines with the ability to perform well in tough geographical conditions.

Among various reputed competitors,

Dasmesh combine harvesters have been prominent for their significant combination of strength, style, performance, and efficiency, attracting the attention of partners and consumers.

Regarding production, Dasmesh integrates high-quality raw material, latest technological manufacturing process, and in-depth agricultural knowledge of leaders and staff into a combine harvester.

As a result, several machines have won the trust of consumers.

So, let’s learn more about one of the company’s outstanding products, which is Dasmesh 9100 with AC cabin – self-propelled multi crop combine harvester.

Dasmesh 9100 with AC Cabin

Dasmesh 9100 with AC cabin is a self-propelled multicrop combine harvester with straw walker technology.

The machine features a 6-cylinder Ashok Leyland diesel engine, generating 101 HP at 2200 RPM.

This is noted for the extraordinary power, while fuel consumption is decreased.

Besides, the model also complies with today’s stringent emissions standards, ensuring the efficient working capacity while protecting the environment.

Dasmesh 9100 with AC Cabin
Dasmesh 9100 with AC Cabin

Different from other variants, the new Dasmesh 9100 with AC cabin offers more cabin space than ever before.

This new design provides operators with maximum freedom of movement, engendering excellent visibility on all sides of the machine.

This tough and beautiful machine is also available with a hydraulic auger system as another option for customers.

Quick Specifications of Dasmesh 9100 with AC Cabin
Engine 6-cylinder
Maximum Horsepower 101 hp
Grain Tank Volume Updating…
Unload Rate Updating…
Displacement Updating…

MANKU AGRO Tech Pvt. Ltd.

Manku Agro Tech is one of the top-notch combine harvester manufacturers and exporters from India.

Launched in 1982, Manku Agro Tech is now India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of combine harvesters.

The company’s machine models are suitable for every type of harvest conditions.

The customers can trust in Manku’s products since they hold a focus on specializing in manufacturing various models of combine harvesters.

The models are developed by extensive research and development.

In terms of design, Manku’s combine harvesters are manufactured using high-grade mild steel sheets, angles, flats, and so on.

In accordance with the industrial standards and using the latest machinery,

each combine harvester obtains the best performance, longer service life, and easy maintenance.

Manku is proud of being the harvester manufacturer of Vishal combine model.

Vishal 435 Brisk

Vishal 435 Brisk is a self-propelled combine harvester that operates well with different types of crops.

The common crops harvested by this machine are wheat, oats, rye, barley, soybean, sunflower, grammes, and pulses.

Vishal 435 Brisk
Vishal 435 Brisk

Vishal 435 Brisk is powered by a 6-cylinder water-cooled Ashok Leyland engine,

generating 101 HP at 2200 RPM, enabling this machine to operate with high capacity.

The cutter bar’s width is 4460 mm, which is quite optimized compared to other models.

Vishal 435 Brisk’s capacity can reach 2.5 acres/hour for wheat harvesting and 2 – 3 acres/hour for paddy harvesting.

This is one of the most economical and labour-saving harvesting machines, significantly enhancing farmers’ lives in India and around the world as well.

Quick Specifications of Vishal 435 Brisk  
Engine 6-cylinder
Maximum Horsepower 101 hp
Grain Tank Volume 2,180 l
Unload Rate Updating…
Displacement Updating…


Across the world, there has been a robust evolution in every aspect of life.

Notably, mechanization has been significantly changing people’s lifestyles and working practices.

In fact, the introduction of combine harvesters has proven the importance of agricultural mechanization, making an essential contribution to harvesting productivity and quality.

Parallel with this development, nowadays, combine harvesters appear in every field and become a close friend of every farmer.

Behind that huge change, the manufacturers of combine harvesters have made an effort to supply the market with these indispensable products.

The article not only lists out the top 5 combine harvester manufacturers in India but also introduces their best machines, discussing the outstanding features and specifications.

We hope you enjoy our article and see you at other useful writings as well!

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