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Separating Unit of Combine Harvester

Straw walkers are vital components of separating unit in the combine harvesters. Separating process comes right after the threshing procedure, with the grain mixture being discharged onto the straw walkers. This grain mixture is called the residual grain, which contains straw, chaff, mineral components and even insects. This residual part [...]

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Threshing Unit of Combine Harvester

Following the gathering procedure, threshing process takes place, and is considered the most important operational task of the entire working chain of combine harvesters. The threshing process refers to the detachment of grain from its flowery cover. This task is achieved thanks to the suitable space adjustment between the combine [...]

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Combine Header

Fast traslate Icon translate   Combine header is one of the most important components of the combine harvesters, being attached at the front of the machine and performing the function of grain collecting. Combine header comes in various shapes and sizes, and is fabricated specifically for harvesting certain crop plants. [...]

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Working Processes inside the Combine Harvesters: A Simple Introduction

Fast traslate Icon translate   Fast traslate Icon translate   Fast traslate Icon translate   Fast traslate Icon translate   Nowadays, thanks to the agricultural mechanization, the combine harvester is no longer a strange concept as its presence is growing strongly worldwide. Therefore, for agricultural farmers as well as manufacturers, [...]

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The History of Combine Harvesters from 75 A.D Till Now

Fast traslate Icon translate   Fast traslate Icon translate Have you ever concerned about how a combine harvester was in the past? Are you curious about the “secrets” of how the combine harvesting machines work? It may amaze you with a long history dating back hundreds of years ago and [...]

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Cleaning and Collecting Unit of Combine Harvester

Cleaning unit of the combine harvesters is the last section of the entire work chain of the agricultural machines. Grains are threshed and separated, then they are conveyed to store in the grain tank. On the other hand, the MOG mixture is transported to the cleaning unit via the oscillating [...]