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Seven Elements of Combine Harvester Power System

As a fundamental factor of general performance, combine harvester power system plays a key role in ensuring the proper operation of the machine. This results from the combination of seven main elements, namely engine, transmission system, steering mechanism, wheels, levelling, hydraulic, and electrical and electronic systems. So, what is inside [...]

Combine Harvesters: The Most Simple Guide for Beginners [2021]

In this article, I will cover everything you need to know about combine harvester.  Basic information about combine harvester (definition, classification, working process, structure) Most up-to-date data about combine harvester market (in India and Vietnam). Top 04 biggest manufacturers of combine harvesters. Let’s dive right in. What is a combine [...]

Uncover Combine Harvester’s Residue Chopping and Spreading

Combine harvests are now indispensable for its remarkable contribution to the crop harvesting process. While bringing about grain as the final product, the separating process also releases the straw and other fragments as the residual material. So, how is it important to manage the residual material? Besides, how can a [...]

How a Combine Harvester Works ?

Combine harvester has become a common name for all farmers and workers in the agricultural field. They come in various types and designs for particular purposes and crop conditions. Whatever the type is, all combine harvesters share the same missions: Facilitating the harvesting process Promoting agricultural mechanization, and s Saving [...]

Discover a Vivid Picture of Concaves in Combine Harvesters

The combine harvester, as its name suggests, combines the separate operations: cutting and gathering of the plants, grain threshing and separating, and grain cleaning and collecting in the combine tank into a single process. Contributing to this overall performance, combine concaves play an integral role in threshing and separating grain, [...]

Combine Harvesters: The 5 Most Insanely Powerful [2021 Update]

Let’s follow us on our list for Top 5 Powerful Combine Harvesters that have reputations for being extremely strong and reliable for the farming industry. To fully capture the information in our following article, it is highly recommended for you to familiarize yourselves with the concept of combine harvesters in [...]

Top 5 Combine Harvester Manufacturers in India and Their Best Machines

India, the world’s second-most populous country with two-thirds of its population working in the agricultural segment, has effectively applied these modern machines to addressing the problem of harvesting. We are going to unveil top 5 combine harvester manufacturers in India and their best machines [2021] Preet Agro Industries Ks Agrotech [...]

Simple Guide on the Classification and Specifications of Combine Harvesters

Fully aware of your knowledge-seeking demand, we will share and uncover everything about combine harvesters in this following article, how the agricultural equipment is classified and what its specifications are. Briefly speaking, based on the working mechanism, combine harvesters are divided into two (02) main types: (1) the “controlled” combine [...]