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We are a group of research students having a passion for learning about agricultural technology and equipment. Through this website, we conduct careful researches and write in-depth articles about a special equipment utilized in agriculture called combine harvesters. Everything you need to know about combine harvesters is all collected and presented on our website.

This website is created for educational purpose only, with content focusing on combine harvesters. All articles on this page can contain external links to carefully researched sites for further reading. These “carefully researched sites” refers to ones that we have spent a lot of time searching for. We hope this collection of research sites will build on the information that we provide in our articles. Under no circumstances do we attempt to present unrelated or unhelpful information to you. However, by the very nature of the Web, we have no control over, or responsibility for the content of these external sites. Therefore, if you find anything problematic, please do not hesitate to let us know.


For any inquiry, please contact us through:

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